Welcome to Theresa Otteson's Fine Art Gallery


Theresa Otteson and some of her floral paintings on exhibit at Bella Muse Gallery.

As a full-time classical artist, Theresa has a passion for creating art herself, but also in sharing this enthusiasm with others through classes and workshops. She served as the Education Coordinator at the Bountiful Davis (Utah) Art Center for five years where she taught people of all ages how to create and appreciate art. She currently works with the Utah Cultural Alliance and the Utah Arts Alliance to develop programs to bring artists together in order to support and mentor each other.

Theresa's paintings can be found in galleries, collections,  and in group and solo competitions in Europe, Japan, and the United States, including the Farmington City (Utah)Building, the Davis County (Utah) Courthouse, The Eccles Art Center (Ogden, Utah), and the Bountiful, Davis (Utah) Art Center. She has won numerous awards for her work.

The Italian phrase, Anchora imparo, "Yet, I am learning" is attributed to Michelangelo and is a source of guidance and inspiration for Theresa. Although she has been painting since childhood, she continues to research, study and learn from both classic creative minds such as Michelangelo, as well as current Masters like award-winning portrait and figurative artist, Tina Garrett.

Theresa knows that just as her painting skills have evolved over time, as an artist, she too is evolving and ever-learning. Browse through her collections of Floral and Still Life, Portrait, and City and Landscape to experience for yourself her passion and love for art.

T. Otteson signature on painting

Why the T. Otteson signature on her artwork

If you ask Theresa why she shortened her signature on her paintings to T. Otteson instead of her full name, she will tell you with a laugh that even though she can control her brush while painting objects, she cannot write with a brush. She has practiced repeatedly but says that as much as she would like to have an elegant signature it just goes all wrong.