Welcome to Theresa Otteson's Fine Art Gallery

Welcome to Theresa Otteson's Fine Art GalleryWelcome to Theresa Otteson's Fine Art Gallery


The Besendorfer Ranch Project

Theresa is currently collaborating with fellow artist and friend Sherry Rauch on a project entitled "The Besendofer Ranch Project," which will be exhibited in 2020. To see Theresa's progress with her paintings and learn more about the project, go to the artwork tab and click on the project in the menu.

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Go Red with heART Campaign

March, 2020. Theresa along with four other women artists was commissioned by the American Heart Association and Intermountain Medical Center to do a painting for the Go Red with heART Campaign for the state of Utah. Theresa represented all of the artists at a press conference kicking off the event. Her painting "The Perfect Woman"  toured the state, and was on exhibit at Capitol Hill for Heart Day with the governor. It was auctioned at the Go Red Luncheon where proceeds went to the American Heart Association.

Her inspiration for the painting was the Hibiscus. At a time when people used flowers to convey a message, the Hibiscus was given by a man to his sweetheart to let her know that she was the perfect woman for him. For Theresa the Hibiscus represents all of the women whose quality of life has improved due to medical advances and are therefore able to be the perfect women in the lives of their loved ones.  To donate to the American Heart Association please click on the link below.

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Still Life Painting of acorns

2019 Fall Salon, Logan Fine Art Gallery

Theresa's paintings, "A Flash From the Past," and "He Lost His Hat," were juried into the Logan Fine Art Galleries 2019 Fall Salon in Logan, Utah. They will be on display from 2 November 2019 through to the end of January in 2020.     SOLD

Ken Baschke interview of Theresa Otteson on the Drop zone

Her Story

 Theresa's painting "Waiting For The Dinner Rush," was given an Award of Excellence in the international “HerStory”2019 exhibition.  Watch the video to see her painting and the artwork of some of the other talented women artists included in this exhibit.

Award Of Excellence

Theresa has won an AWARD OF EXCELLENCE  for "Waiting for the Dinner Rush," from Manhattan Arts International's "Her Story," exhibition. This annual competition show-cases artwork by women from around the world and will be on exhibit from July 20 - September 20, 2019 on the Manhattan Arts International website.


New Exhibit

Theresa's works "Iris" and "Respite" on currently being exhibited with the Syracuse Guild of Visual Art at the brand new Intermountain Layton Hospital from May 22 - August 1.  If you wish to collect this piece contact the artist at 801.497.6438.